Erin Lynch

Erin Lynch is a versatile, multi-disciplinary graphic designer, writer, illustrator, and educator. He is a design enthusiast-driven by a voracious appetite for learning. He spends much of his time devouring everything he can regarding art and design in an effort to reach some type of design utopia, which frankly no one really thinks exists-apart from in his mind.

Erin has worked on print, web and industrial design projects individually or as part of a team for local, regional and international clients. A shortlist of these clients would include Intel, The University of California, Washington State University, Nike, Portland Public Schools, Oregon Tourism Board, Gearbox Studios, Wendy’s, Oil Can Henry’s, Accompany and many others.

In addition to a largely self-imposed, rigorous design schedule, he spends his time as one half of the plush and illustration duo, Dolls for friends. Together, with fine artist Jill Lynch, the two have vowed to personally take over the world and mandate that the public at large reconnect with their childhood belief in monsters, aliens and the love of science fiction.

In 2005, Erin joined the magnanimous A List Apart magazine, where he acts as the publication’s production manager. He’s also had the privilege of writing for several other design and technology publications including AIGA, Boing Boing, WebVisions, and Netdiver.

Before entering the design arena, Erin spent several years as a music and film journalist where he dutifully scratched out his opinionated views on the good (and not so good) works of others. He was an editor and contributor during the final years of the Schwann Opus and Artist classical music catalogs and has produced articles and conducted interviews for a variety of other film and music publications including Videohound and The Trouserpress Guide to Rock.

His design work has been covered in an array of online and print publications including Computer Arts, .Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Helvetica Awards, Fiber Arts, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, et al.

Erin has held adjunct faculty positions at the Art Institute of Portland where he taught graphic and web design. He has conducted workshops and written curriculum for several traditional and non-traditional educational platforms.

How and Why I Publish

There are plenty of people out there talking about the demise of the personal blog. I still believe in its virtues. There’s a lot to be said, and so much of the time other publications or sites are not interested in the random and sometimes mundane. That, in my mind, is the nature of the personal blog. A place to publish free of constraint.

My personal publishing outlets are multi-pronged. This blog contains longer form thoughts, essays, and more traditional posts. I also utilize a variety of social outlets for more stream of thought posting. Find those on the left or bottom (depending on your device). I also write, edit, and produce work for various publications. You can see a few of those below.

A List Apart
The Portland Egotist