erin lynch is a designer, writer, developer, illustrator & ux-thingy working on interactive, ux, code, branding, identity, word, pixel, content strategy, print & motion goodies.


I’m a designer and writer living in Vancouver, Washington, which is about 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. The best place to start is on the about page. You can see some of our work on the shop site and my dribbble account, which are both linked at the left.

What's Recent

25% is an Abstract of the Whole

I’ve just reached post 25 of the originally intended 100. I am now officially one-quarter of the way through this personal little project of mine.

In the Heart

With the amount of changes that come upon this industry each year, most web designers have set a new standard when it comes to the term, “run and gun”.

The Plurality of Ones

Much of what we get out of a design school education is slanted to satisfy the primary purpose of making a designer employable upon graduating.

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