erin lynch is a designer, writer, developer, illustrator & ux-thingy working on interactive, ux, code, branding, identity, word, pixel, content strategy, print & motion goodies.


I’m Erin Lynch, a designer, writer, and educator living in Vancouver, Washington. I’m the founder and creative director of Shop, a design agency located in the Pacific Northwest. The best place to start learning more about me is on the about page.

You can see some of our work on the Shop site and my dribbble account, which are both linked at the left.


Feeling Falsely Negative

Despite a negative test, I’m pretty sure I had COVID in January. I battled feelings of failure but eventually got my head straight.

Owning the Rubber and the Road

Failure can be a learning experience, but only when we’re open to it. Getting past our initial reactions and not giving into fear’s 1-2 punch allows us to grow and get better.

Notebook Lineup 2021

I might have mentioned that I’m transitioning back to using notebooks and sketchbooks. Here is what I’ve got for 2021.

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