erin lynch is a designer, writer, developer, illustrator & ux-thingy working on interactive, ux, code, branding, identity, word, pixel, content strategy, print & motion goodies.


I’m a designer, writer, and educator living in Vancouver, Washington, which is about 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. The best place to start is on the about page. You can see some of our work on the Shop site and my dribbble account, which are both linked at the left.

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What's Recent

Notebook Lineup 2021

I might have mentioned that I’m transitioning back to using notebooks and sketchbooks. Here is what I’ve got for 2021.

Ballad of the Year Prepper

I’ve been prepping a series of notebooks for the coming year. I’ve been exclusively using digital tools to capture notes, but I’m changing that in 2021.

Lean Into It

I’ve found myself using the phrase “lean into it” a lot lately. While it was not planned, it has become a welcome addition to our conversations.

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