erin lynch is a designer, writer, developer, illustrator & ux-thingy working on interactive, ux, code, branding, identity, word, pixel, content strategy, print & motion goodies.


I’m a designer and writer living in Vancouver, Washington, which is about 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. The best place to start is on the about page. You can see some of our work on the shop site and my dribbble account, which are both linked at the left.

What's Recent

On Down Time

I’ve been thinking on the subject of down time and the importance of resetting. This is most likely because I’m so completely horrible at striking that balance between work and real life.

Complexity and Coincidence

I don’t put much stock in concepts like fate, destiny, and luck. Never have. I do, however, find extreme coincidences super interesting. These random bits of weirdity happen constantly, and at times, can admittedly seem quite uncanny.

13% and 13 Days

Today is day 13 in my quest to 100 days of blogging. While I’m only a mere 13% of the way into this journey, this has already been an interesting experience.

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