colophon: a brief statement containing information about the publication.


A brief statement about this site

This is technically the fifth iteration of the site. I purchased the URL way back in 1998, and it was originally intended to be an artist collective of close friends and collaborators, hence the name. It never quite managed to evolve into what I had hoped for, so in the early oughts I re-purposed it making it my personal site, and here we are. At some point I should write a longer post on the evolution of this site, and perhaps someday I will.

This colophon is just a small overview of what’s currently going into this site. I’m a huge fan of things like marginalia in books and those colophon notes on what typeface a book is set in. This is by no means meant to take the place of a proper style guide…which is also important.


Body copy is set in Baskerville, headings are set in Franklin Gothic Condensed, and I’ve thrown in a dash of Courier here and there.


I’ve opted to use WordPress for this round of the site with the Foundation framework creating the bones of the pages. I have several thoughts on both of these–some good and some bad, but they have become a de-facto standard and suit my purposes at this time.