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All In

Most days owning a small, but growing design studio feels like a dream come true. Other days it feels like being held down while bears nibble honey off your nethers. At those moments it can seem like shuttering the whole thing, accepting your losses and walking away would be the best option. But that isn’t really the spirit of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is an all in activity. There are no half measures. Being a business owner means that you show up and put it all on the line everyday while trying to build something for yourself and those around you. Most of the time things seem to work out, but then there are those other times—those soul sucking, can’t see your way forward times. Perhaps it’s that client you just can’t seem to appease, or maybe you just got “that” call from your CPA letting you know about a huge tax bill, or it could be that the constant daily hustle has just gone on one day too long. For business owners, the “bitching” list seems endless. It’s in those moments when “all in” becomes really real.

Most days owning a design studio is everything I’ve ever wanted. Other days it feels like I’m being held down so bears can nibble honey off my nethers.

Developing that all in attitude is an essential skill for any business owner. Loving the work you do will get you pretty far, but going at it day after day even when everything seems stacked against you takes sterner stuff. Determination and focus are keys to navigating the non-linear and parabolic nature of business. Jump into risk with both feet, relish in the successes, and learn from the failures day after day.

That’s what being all in is all about.