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Jolby Illustration

The Evolution of the Entrepreneur: An Interview with Josh Kenyon of Jolby & Friends

I’ve completed the first of three interviews I’ll be conducting in 2017 for AIGA. The Portland chapter approached me at the tail end of 2016 to see if I’d be interested in contributing to a year long project that would explore what it takes to start a design studio.

The interview series talks to successful designers who have purposely moved away from full-time and freelance work to start a full fledged design agency. The discussions explore the idea of risk, entrepreneurship, overcoming fear, getting started, and a host of other topics that generally tend to be the tougher areas to navigate when striking out on your own.

My first discussion was with Josh Kenyon of the Portland studio, Jolby and Friends. I’ve known Josh for a few years and have collaborated on a couple of projects with him, Colby (the other half of Jolby), and Jill (my co-conspirator at Dolls for Friends). Josh and Colby found themselves staring the future right in the face when the studio they were working for folded, quite unexpectedly a few years ago. To them the answer was almost immediate. They embraced the unknown, hung their shingle, and now we thankfully have Jolby and Friends to look to as a source of inspiration.