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Gender Tech?

I’ve been noticing something odd the past few times we’ve used Google and Apple Maps for directions from my wife’s phone. Siri and Google both seem to give her an increased number of directional reminders than my phone gives me using the same apps. I wondered if this was just something I was imagining.

In true amateur scientist fashion we decided to run a very simple experiment. We mapped a trip into Oregon and used Jill’s phone going one direction and mine coming home. It was really interesting just how many directional reminders we received traveling into Oregon (using Jill’s phone) vs. coming back home (using mine).

So, what does this mean? Most likely nothing. Could it have been an anomaly? Yeah, sure it could, but is there a possibility that there is a slight bias depending on the gender of the phone owner? In an age of shadow profiles and surreptitious tracking weirdity, why not?

As a matter of fact, Facebook is listening to you right now.