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The Many Roads to 100

I completely suck when it comes to sustainable actions. Truly, I do. Habits don’t come easy. Neither does the successful execution of plans. I move along with the best of intentions, making gestures—sharing my plans with those around me about what I intend to do, yet many times I fall short of my ultimate destination.

My wife tells me this is a common thing and a struggle for many beyond my limited field of vision, but that doesn’t tend to make me feel much better about this seemingly endless cycle of what I most often associate with failure. Failure, however, is said to be good. Failure makes you stronger. Failure, when used as a learning device, should lead to growth while allowing you to explore your own short comings. And I believe these things. I really do. I just wish my success rate was a tad higher than the inverse.

Failure is good. Failure makes you stronger. Failure should lead to growth while allowing you to explore short comings.

I want to refocus my efforts on writing. It’s been a 2017, a 2018, a 2019 personal goal to continue growing as a writer (as well as a designer and educator). Of course, the best way, as so many have said, to grow as a writer is to write, and write often.

To help facilitate this, I’ve committed to 100 days of writing. That is where my earlier melodrama comes in (remember that bit about success and failure). I have jumped on the path. Welcome to day 1.

Thankfully, I’ll have a little company. My co-worker; the very talented young designer, Chloe Anne; will also be embarking on 100 days of writing. Where will we go, how will it all shake out? Who knows. Hopefully, though, it’s a journey rather than a pit stop.

Illustration by Pieter Claesz, 1628